We run an appointment system for the convenience of our patients. Appointments may be made either in person or by telephoning the surgery. Urgent problems should be stressed so that they may be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Appointments are normally made at 10-minute intervals. If you feel you need a longer consultation (e.g. Complicated or multiple problems, skin lesion excisions, ECG’s, pap smear test, insurance examinations etc.) please notify the receptionist when making your appointment.

We apologize for delays if they occur. Some consultations are longer than expected and we do accommodate urgent cases when necessary.

We welcome walk-in patients without appointments, but you may have to wait as emergency and booked patients have priority.

Telehealth: If you are a regular patient and you’re unable to travel to the medical centre, telehealth services may be available. Telehealth services are at the discretion of your GP. Please contact the practice for more information. 



Patients of our practice are able to access a member of our medical or clinical team by telephone to discuss their clinical care. When telephone communication is received, the urgency and nature of the call is gathered to determine if the call will be transferred immediately or if a message will be taken for the call to be returned. In non-urgent situations, patient calls should not interrupt consultations with other patients. Our practice team members are aware of each practitioner’s policy on accepting and returning telephone calls.

Patient messages taken for follow-up by a general practitioner or other practice team member are documented for their attention and action or, in their absence, for the designated person who is responsible for that absent team members’ workload. This is done electronically by Best Practice software and manually using Medi-Messages for GP.

Our practice is mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details, they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient consent needs to be obtained before engaging in electronic communication. Electronic communication includes email, facsimile and Short Message Service (SMS).

Communication with patients via electronic means is conducted with appropriate regard to privacy


The Doctors do regular home visits to frail elderly patients upon request. Home visits are also available to acutely ill patients who are unable to attend the surgery. Please telephone as early as possible so that priorities may be established. This service is only for the patients that attend our surgery or for afterhours service.


These are made when medically indicated for appropriate opinions or treatment. However, by Commonwealth law, they should not be backdated, so please ensure you have a valid referral BEFORE your specialist appointment.


Our practice is committed to preventive care. We may issue you with a reminder notice from time to time offering you preventive health services appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to be part of this system, please let us know at reception. When you attend our surgery and a requested test is ordered by your Dr, depending on the test requested, results are usually due back within 3-5 working days. Please contact our surgery to discuss your results. In the instance, if your test comes back with an abnormality, our staff will contact you. If you cannot be reached, a letter will be sent out.


A small play area is available for children. Parents are requested to supervise their children to avoid disturbing sick patients.


This practice is wheelchair accessible.


Please notify reception of X-Ray requests so that a return appointment may be made (if appropriate) to discuss the results with your doctor.


Doctors accept phone calls about yourself and your family’s health. However, they are not always available and may need to call you back at a more convenient time.


All pap smear results are automatically placed in the National Pap Smear Reminder Register. All results remain confidential. If you do not want to be on this Register, please notify us.


All patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly confidential. It is the policy of this practice to always maintain security of personal health information and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. A release form is to be signed by the patient requesting the information.


It is in our Practice Policy and Procedure that patients make appointments to see doctor for their results. Results are not to be given over the phone.


If you are unhappy with the service provided by the practice, please feel free to talk to our practice manager or send an email to